How is Life?

I thought a lot about this sickness. I am very sure, that it was psychosomatic, and it is a big luck that it did not came back. I was worrying a lot about my job and there was another cause too. When I went back working the situation was much worse. I got panic attacks but I did not realised them what they are.

The first solution is for this is sport. I bought a gym pass and I got to gym every 2 days even on weekend. I need this because nowadays my work is too stressful for me. And also I am stressing on minor things too much like I forget things which I used to know.

(I found the gym by accident while I was going to buy some furniture. 🙂 )

I was always a person who tried to solve her problems. So I need a plan to solve this. But right now I can’t do one. I need some sleep. I just want to write down that I have a problem.

I need some sleep. I go to gym tomorrow._



How is Life?

Sickness sucks

I got very sick in the past few weeks. I think that should be a consequence of some vitamin deficit regardless I took some supplements. Also I did not have a warm coat, but I already solved this problem.

But also, I think I have to solve this nutrient problem. So I think I need to take some supplements. I will take turmeric capsules, because I have some inflammations caused by the infections. Well winter is coming and that means there is not much sun outside. Also  I neglected my vitamin D intake, because I thought it’s enough to sit outside for a while on the sun. Maybe it wasn’t. Also since I’m mostly vegan, I need to take B12. Well mostly means I didn’t eat animal products over 3 weeks now.

I also will cook every day, sometimes I will eat out, but I will mostly cook. So I want to eat healthy foods. Well since my last job I reduced my alcohol intake, nowadays I drink alcohol once or max. 2 times a month.

And for complete this, I want to do some sport. At summer this was easy. I just went out and run. Now I want to do some strength training which I can do indoor.  I will do the training which I found in a book called Hacker’s diet.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 6.18.26 PMIt’s not difficult, I am at 10th right now, because I didn’t do any strength trainings before.  And it also continues after the 15th almost endlessly.

Also I will do yoga every morning and some plank. I want to reach the 2 min plank.

So basically I want to be healthy and loose some weight.

(I don’t want to publish this post immediately. I will post an update after a month with this post.)

Sickness sucks

McVegan — Good or Bad?

DLckFmmUMAAZIE1Many of you heard of the McDo’s new burger the McVegan, which is currently available only in Tampere, Finland. It’s a nice thing from McDonalds that they serve a burger with patty for vegans, but sadly only in Finland. I’ve heard that many vegans go there and ask for a dozen of these hoping the restaurant chain will spread it other restaurants all over the world.

But it is good or bad that they serve this? And is it good or bad that vegans reacting like this?

Thats a tricky question. Until this burger I only could eat fries, which I am not sure if it’s vegan or not and salad with balsamic vinegar vinaigrette,  and of course coke. And I’ve heard that if you ask, they make hamburger without patty, which is kind of depressing. (Well, BurgerKing has the same offer for vegans btw.) So I went to fast food restaurants sometimes with my friends, but not many times, and I would have been happier if I could choose this burger with my fries.

Also other vegans think that if you buy this, you support those people with your money, who make those cows to be killed, where others burger come from, thats why it’s bad.

However I think that this can be a trampoline for veganism. If we give the choice to eat some vegan food, people may chose it. And It’s still more to eat one more menu or one food vegan, than none! It’s still less animal suffering, and less harmful for the earth and still less supportive for people’s arthritis and heartattack.

I have a friend who said that if you can be vegan for just one hour, fine. Remaining vegan 2 hours, better. For a whole day, still better. For a week, good start. You just have to remain vegan always for one more hour. If you can do it, you can do it forever.

And also, just remember what Gary said in their interview, you vote with your money!

McVegan — Good or Bad?