McVegan — Good or Bad?

DLckFmmUMAAZIE1Many of you heard of the McDo’s new burger the McVegan, which is currently available only in Tampere, Finland. It’s a nice thing from McDonalds that they serve a burger with patty for vegans, but sadly only in Finland. I’ve heard that many vegans go there and ask for a dozen of these hoping the restaurant chain will spread it other restaurants all over the world.

But it is good or bad that they serve this? And is it good or bad that vegans reacting like this?

Thats a tricky question. Until this burger I only could eat fries, which I am not sure if it’s vegan or not and salad with balsamic vinegar vinaigrette,  and of course coke. And I’ve heard that if you ask, they make hamburger without patty, which is kind of depressing. (Well, BurgerKing has the same offer for vegans btw.) So I went to fast food restaurants sometimes with my friends, but not many times, and I would have been happier if I could choose this burger with my fries.

Also other vegans think that if you buy this, you support those people with your money, who make those cows to be killed, where others burger come from, thats why it’s bad.

However I think that this can be a trampoline for veganism. If we give the choice to eat some vegan food, people may chose it. And It’s still more to eat one more menu or one food vegan, than none! It’s still less animal suffering, and less harmful for the earth and still less supportive for people’s arthritis and heartattack.

I have a friend who said that if you can be vegan for just one hour, fine. Remaining vegan 2 hours, better. For a whole day, still better. For a week, good start. You just have to remain vegan always for one more hour. If you can do it, you can do it forever.

And also, just remember what Gary said in their interview, you vote with your money!

McVegan — Good or Bad?